Sending our guests “POTTY” at New Year

Here at Lancaster House, we’re fortunate that we have so many return guests join us to celebrate New Year. We’re proud to say that many of them we now regard more as ‘friends’ and it’s always one of my favourite days of the year welcoming old friends back to “The House”.

I particularly enjoy New Year’s Day afternoon when Everyone is feeling a little lethargic after the previous night’s festivities, but there’s a wonderful sense of relaxed happiness as the guests make themselves at home. Over the last ten years, we’ve done all sorts of activities on 1st January from Canal trips to Whisky tasting, Archery to Cake Decorating. But this year will certainly go down in my memory as one of the best yet.

I thought I would try to rekindle some of the magic of the iconic ‘Generation Game’ tv show but in our own unique way. Of course, no true episode of the Generation Game would be complete without the Potters Wheel so we invited along Lee Cartledge from locally-based Bentham Pottery to provide the equipment (and professional instruction of course).

Generation Game Potters Wheel with some expert guidance
Generation Game Potters Wheel with some expert guidance

Moulding a simple bowl is one of those things that looks easy, but the reality, of course, is very different. It’s a delicate art form, and requires patience, precision and lots and lots of practice. However, in true Generation Game fashion, “practice” wasn’t a luxury we were extending to the contestants.

Whoops! It is harder than it looks!
Whoops! It is harder than it looks!

Eager to get their hands dirty,  it soon became apparent that this old, but timeless craft still captures the imagination of everyone fortunate enough to try it. All participants were able to produce something that (vaguely) resembled a bowl and some were indeed impressive first-time efforts.

Of course there can be only one true winner! The entertainment provided by a small rotating table, a bowl of water and a piece of pliable clay compete admirably with all the electronic gadgets at our disposal in the 21st century, and in my mind the winner is the ‘good old days’!

If this has whetted your appetite, Lee would be happy for you to join one of his Pottery courses and learn how to make everything from Mugs to Jugs, Teapots to Plates. The great news is, it’s not too far from us here!

Guests creations presented for the judges
Guests creations presented for the judges
  • Written by: Tim Bell, General Manager at Lancaster House

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