‘Name our Boats’ Competition Winners

We’ve been hiring motor boats on Windermere since 1984 here at Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre. Our brand new Kruger beta two will be the best boats on the Lake and we enlisted the help of our Facebook and Twitter followers to help name the new fleet of six boats.

The new Kruger beta two motorboat in our workshop awaiting its new name
The new Kruger beta two motorboat in our workshop awaiting its new name

Now that the entries are in, the judges have had a hard decision sifting through all of the entries. One entry which the judges really liked came from Michelle Miles who submitted “Sam” because Sam the dog is our children’s mascot for Sam’s Club. Sam is also Michelle’s eldest son’s name.

Sam loves Watersports
Sam loves Watersports

The judges liked the name so much that they decided ‘Sam’ was the winner and came up with the idea that whole fleet could be named after Sam and his friends. The new names are short and easy to remember, children will be familiar with them from the Sam’s Club activity packs in the hotels. The final six boat names will be; Sam, Meg, Lily, Jess. Penny and Suzy.

Michelle and five friends have won a maiden voyage on the newly named boat, Sam.

We promised that we would choose six winners, so the judges have also selected five runners up who have also won 1 hours self drive on the newly named boats.

Low Wood Bay Watersports Jetty
Low Wood Bay Watersports Jetty

The runners up are Ella Dunn, Fiona Garth, Sarah Arnett, Adam Stewart and Paul Hewson. All the runners up also chose creative names such as “Vinandr”, the old norse name for Windermere and “Birthwaite Belle”, a mixture of the original name for the town of Windermere and Belle Isle the largest island on the lake.

We hope all six winners enjoy their prize, setting sail in the new hire motorboats from Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre on Lake Windermere. The Watersports Centre has an extensive range of equipment and an inspiring setting against a backdrop of the Lakeland fells – a great location for getting out on the water.

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